Mold growth is a common issue in old, disused carpets. So if you are planning to restore any such carpets to bring a vintage feel to the room, be sure to get them thoroughly cleaned first by a professional carpet cleaner. And if you’re in Kissimmee, Florida, we’ve got you covered. Our cleaners wi...

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The year 2020 is off to a GREAT start for Kissimmee Carpet Cleaning Inc. We are focused on delivering the customer the highest customer satisfaction experience possible to the homes and businesses that entrust our team of professionals to clean their carpets! Call us today for a FREE estimate!

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Did you just spatter gravy on your brand new expensive sofa? Did the kids make the armchairs into a canvas for their painting? Or did someone spill wine on the lounger? Well don’t worry about any such stains because our carpet cleaning service offers upholstery cleaning too. So for all such furni...

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Thinking of redecorating the house and bringing those good old carpets in the attic to some use? If you are, then you would need a good carpet cleaning service to spruce up the dust choked, dirty carpets. Call us today and our Kissimmee carpet cleaners will be at your doorstep to wash any soiled ...

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Are you clumsy and keep spilling drinks here and there but can’t resist a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire in the winters? We can imagine how many drink stains that section of the carpet must have housed for years now. But we can help get rid of any stains, old or new, in no time. No nee...

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Do you have a lot of pets or even just one cat or dog around the house? If so, we are pretty sure that your furniture and carpet must need a detailed cleaning (more often than you would prefer) to get rid of pet hair and other mess. But you don’t have to worry because we can take care of all that...

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Based in the bright and bustling Kissimmee, FL, we offer premium carpet cleaning services throughout the city. From stain removal to detailed washing and much more in between, our carpet cleaning services have been highly rated by the majority of our clients. We are a dedicated team of carpet cle...

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We do not accept cash payments for any of our carpet or upholstery cleaning services, whether residential or commercial. It usually raises a red flag in regards to the legitimacy of our business and the ethics of our employees. But we do offer flexibility of payments through checks, credit/debit ...

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a month ago
As my First Google Review I wanted to give a 5 Star Review and a HUGE thank you to Walli for being the Best Carpet Cleaner Kissimmee FL has to offer. The equipment that he uses is simply the best and I appreciate his customer service approach. Getting your carpets cleaned is never a fun task, especially having to move all of your furniture and person belongings. Walli make this experience an enjoyable one. I am looking forward to booking with you again in the spring!
- David W
a week ago
A huge shout out to Walli and his team of Kissimmee carpet cleaning professionals for there response to an urgent carpet cleaning situation we had at our rental property this weekend. Thank you for your professional carpet cleaning services and your attention to detail!
- James k
a week ago
To the Best carpet cleaning service Kissimmee FL has to offer. Walli, THANK YOU for dealing with our pet stained carpeting and for using your steam cleaning equipment to make our carpets look brand new!
- Sherry S

Carpet Cleaning in Kissimmee, Fl

Carpet Cleaning Kissimmee

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Service in Kissimmee, Florida

Located in Kissimmee, we are offering affordable carpet cleaning services for both residential as well as commercial spaces. Our carpet cleaners understand how important it is to ensure the carpeting inside your building or room is kept hygienic and maintained throughout its life. We are professional carpet care experts who take their work very seriously and are extremely conscious of the service we provide.

Apart from conventional carpet cleaning, we also offer other cleaning and maintenance services including upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning and pet odor/hair removal. We want to make sure your house is as comfortable for you as you
dream it to be.


We offer multiple services within the region of Kissimmee, Florida. Our mission is to make sure your house or your workplace is odor free, hygienic and as good as new. Here is a list of services we offer:

Carpet  Cleaning

Whether your carpet is made from polyester or fur, we are promising that it'll look and feel as good as new once we're done cleaning it. Our carpet cleaning Kissimmee service employs various methods such as steam cleaning, conventional rubbing and cleaning, allergens removing, pet hair removal and many more. Even if stain removal is the only service you need, we promise we'll give it to you. We've also got professional rug cleaners if you're in need of a rug cleaning service (https://carpet-rug.org/testing/seal-of-approval-service-providers/hire-a-carpet-cleaning-professional/). We've got truck mounted equipment and offer truck mounted carpet cleaning as well. 

Poor carpet maintenance can lead to various breathing problems and allergic reactions. You need to make sure you and your family are safe by letting us help you keep your carpets clean and hygienic with our Kissimmee carpet cleaning service or our carpet cleaning carson city service.

Upholstery Cleaning

Polyester, leather and cotton are some of the common fabrics used in upholstery. Even if you're using corduroy, you definitely need to clean and maintain it. If you count the number of items in your house, do you think you will be able to clean everything in a month? You need some extra help! We're here to make sure your couches, sofas and even the back
of beds are cleaned and maintained throughout their life.

From cleaning stains to steam pressing your upholstery, we will make sure your house's furniture items look as good as new. We want you to relax on Sundays and leave the cleaning to us!

Furniture Cleaning

There are multiple ways of cleaning furniture items. The method we select usually depends on the kind of furniture you have. For instance, we do not recommend using steam cleaners on furniture with carvings and small compartments rather, we prefer using vacuum cleaners. This is because the steam cleaners might end up accumulating debris inside the carvings. Similarly, we decide the rest of the cleaning methods for the type of furniture you have.

We use vacuum cleaners, pressure cleaning, steam cleaning and many more. Our purpose is to make sure we select the appropriate method that does not damage the surface or strength of the furniture. Your furniture pieces will look brand new with a whole new shine added to them after we're done cleaning.

Stain Removal

Stain removal can be a tricky process. What did you drop on your cashmere cushion this time? A drop of tea or some fancy, old wine you've been saving for the perfect night? No matter what you've dropped, we'll try our best to get off the stains. Depending on the type of fabric or texture of the object, we will be using the appropriate method to remove all stains from your carpet, upholstery, rugs, sheets and more.It does not make sense to trash away perfectly usable items only because some stain won't go off. We'll make sure you are able to reuse anything you have with the proper stain cleaning and removal. Using conventional as well as modern ways, we want to ensure your items look fresh and usable.

Pet Odor Removal

Have a fuzzy old pet who you love to death but can't stand the odor of? We know the feeling. No matter how much we love our cats and dogs, they do not shower as much as human beings and therefore have a particular smell that needs to be gotten rid of. Not all of your guests are always pet-friendly and not all of them will understand if there is some stench. Let us give you a hand!We specialize in removing all animal odor from your furniture, bed sheets or residential regions. We have the best pet odor neutralizer that will ensure you cannot smell your furry little pet anywhere near the place for at least a few hours. If you want item specific odor-friendliness for example the carpet, we can also do that. Apart from odor cleaning, we will also provide pet hair removal services in Kissimmee, FL if you're looking for them.

Carpet Repair and Stretching
Ever notice how your carpet gets removed from the edges of a room and leaves empty space? Nobody likes that, but nobody can make the carpet evenly spread across the floor one more time. We'll do that! We'll make sure your carpet is stretched and secured once again so it looks as good as the first time it was laid.If over the years there has been some minor damage to the fabric of your carpet, we can also fix that. Our idea is to make sure your carpet looks new, improved and can be used just like other items in your house without having to change it every year.

Why Are We Better than Other Carpet Cleaners?

We aim for progress, innovation and comfortable lifestyle. If you aim for the same, we're the carpet cleaning company you want to hire for your job. From efficient team members to fully experienced and trained carpet washers, our job is to ensure you live a healthy life.

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